Need inspiration to keep going?

Whatever chronic pain illness you have you will at some stage have thought about your mortality - pain and living in constant pain just gets you like that.

So what inspires you to keep on going, to just get on with your life? I am impressed by all the people out there who are just trying to help, not sell anything but offer their help or world view. Some of the places and people I find that help me are:

GNN Good News Newtork cause it is all positive news but not sickly sweet.

All Things Good for similar reasons.

I'm Not my Disease cause she is real and tells a story I can relate to.

Gonna Eat Worms cause she is real, a proud lesbian and writes well about her life with pain.

I think it works like a ripple effect - you connect in some way and it makes you feel better and then you can share that feeling and hopefully it continues on. I am not saying we should all be sweet and kind all the time, I am talking about keeping it real and keeping it in perspective.

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