Everyday coping with arthritis and chronic pain:pacing

rheumatoid arthritis coping ideas
This is not an illness that is managed easily for me. There is no magic pill, no prescription for complete healing. There are ways to manage it and gain some of your old life and laughter back. I can't tell you how to do it. I can only tell you what works for me. I still have my bad days, but some days, most days, now are good.
I have taken on board a lot of information from many books, blogs and specialists but implementing them is another thing. Probably the thing that has helped me most (besides pain killers) is pacing myself and by that I mean no matter what I am doing, if I feel pain I stop and change to a different activity. This means the dishwasher may be half unpacked on the washing not hung out but I will come back to it later. It also means, for me, taking frequent short rests flat on my back.
Ha Ha! my wrists are starting to ache right now so I will finish this post later...maybe.

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